ACH Child & Family Services is a nonprofit organization in Fort Worth, Texas, that offers services to help children, youth and families overcome life’s challenges. In the summer of 2016, ACH was ready to announce the results of Foster Care Redesign, a trial program in six North Texas counties to improve the state foster care system. ACH asked Three Box to increase awareness of Foster Care Redesign, share the program’s initial results and communicate its value to Texas families.




ACH Child & Family Services teamed with Three Box to develop a strategic communications plan to share initial results of Foster Care Redesign and encourage implementation throughout the state of Texas. Communications goals consisted of increasing awareness of the positive results of Foster Care Redesign in Region 3b, mobilizing influencers and the local communities to demonstrate their support of Redesign, and continuing to build the ACH brand as a leader in foster care design, management and delivery in Texas.




The Three Box team began reaching out to local media across Region 3b counties to communicate the successful impact Foster Care Redesign had on their communities. In addition, we worked with statewide media to share the message, focusing particularly on Austin, Texas’ state capital. To kick start the influencer campaign, we set up a Voter’s Voice tool on ACH’s website that allows citizens to write letters in support of Foster Care Redesign to their local representatives. Finally, we hosted town hall meetings in all counties of Region 3b to spread the word and answer the community’s questions about Foster Care Redesign.




Foster Care Redesign has the ability to help thousands of Texas children and families, and Three Box communicated that message through high-value media placements and stakeholder activities.
Results included: