Based in Silicon Valley, Singularity University (SU) is a global community that explores how exponential technologies can be used to solve the world’s most urgent problems. SU has nearly 120,000 organizational members around the world, and their annual international conference, Global Summit, attracts nearly 1,500 attendees.

2018 marks SU’s tenth anniversary, and Global Summit was the perfect opportunity to spark an international conversation about the work that SU and its leaders in technology are doing to reshape the future. Three Box led media relations strategy and outreach before, during and after the Summit.




The previous year’s Summit had 10 reporters in attendance who conducted 20 interviews. This year, SU wanted to increase the number of media in attendance, secure high-impact interviews with SU leadership and host a press conference to announce their Global Startup Program (GSP).




Three Box heard SU loud and clear. The team immediately went to work drafting press releases, pitching high-impact publications and developing messaging for SU leadership.  We aligned reporter interest with SU speaker subject expertise to schedule the most effective media opportunities and invited all media to the GSP press conference.




Three Box confirmed 38 media members in attendance and secured more than 40 interviews at the Summit – doubling the previous year’s results. One week after the conference, coverage totaled nearly 300 media mentions of Global Summit, including international-reaching outlets like MSN and Jornal do Comercio. With an aggregate reach of more than 155 million, global coverage was earned in Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and across Europe.