Global golf entertainment leader Topgolf is growing like crazy. With 7-10 new U.S. venues each year, the company decided to make its first strategic acquisition in early 2016, purchasing sports gaming group World Golf Tour (WGT). The deal created the world’s largest digital golf audience and more than doubled Topgolf ’s fan base overnight. Topgolf called Three Box to amplify the announcement with tier-one and national trade media.




Topgolf had big expectations for this announcement – looking to get the attention of the media to spread the news quickly to Topgolf fans, industry partners and potential investors. Three Box knew that the initial pitch would need to pique the media’s interest – without prematurely revealing the news. The team laid out a media strategy to maximize attention during the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida – a popular industry event.




Three Box’s media strategy for Topgolf ’s acquisition announcement had several moving parts. Along with the internal team, Three Box helped plan the company’s first-ever news conference. Prior to the show, we pitched national and trade media and invited contacts to attend the event. We also leveraged live-streaming technology to broadcast the news conference in real time for media, fans and associates of both Topgolf and WGT who weren’t able to attend the show.




On the day of the announcement, media filled Topgolf ’s standing-room-only news conference, which generated more than 1.9 million impressions and 60 original articles. Our results included: