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Corporate social responsibility means being a good neighbor to the communities you serve. Community engagement is an important component of brand and association work, building advocates for a common goal or purpose.

Three Box helps companies identify and connect with key audiences in the community to better understand their needs and actions. A community engagement program should evoke an action or response. We help brands identify communications channels, craft messages and connect with stakeholders for meaningful conversations and results.

Three Box engages community audiences through:

  • Issues management
  • Influencer engagement
  • Hyper-local media
  • Community sponsorships
  • Town hall meetings

Community engagement case studies:


ACH Child & Family Services

Redesigning Texas Foster Care

ACH Child & Family Services, based in Fort Worth, Texas, helps children, youth and families overcome life’s challenges. In 2016, ACH leveraged Three Box to announce the results of Texas Foster Care Redesign and advocate for its continuation across the state.

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ALON Brands

A New Beginning for a Historic Brand

Until 2012, ALON Brands was known as FINA, its 50-year-old fuel brand name, but market research and growth fueled  an aggressive rebranding. Three Box initiated community events in key markets to transition the brand from FINA to ALON in less than a year.


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