Three Box is a proud member of the Public Relations Global Network, an invitation-only collaboration of independent marketing and strategic communications agencies. With more than 50 members across six continents, Three Box serves as the Texas office to our affiliated agencies.

For Three Box clients, this means you get a global perspective with local expertise. Whether it's launching a product internationally or hosting an event half-way around the world, Three Box makes it happen through our global network.


Belgium Athenora Consulting 

Belgium two cents

Bulgaria Ardency Consulting

Denmark Coast Communications 

France WE Agency 

Germany cometis AG 

Germany Industrie-Contact (IC) AG 

Hungary Goodwill Communications 

Ireland Cullen Communications Ltd. 

Italy Sound Public Relations 

Lithuania  AD VERUM

Netherlands Evident P.R. bv 

Poland Multi Communications 

Portugal Global Press 

Romania Free Communication 

Russia Cros Public Relations and Public Affairs Company 

Spain SCR, S.L. 

Switzerland Cabinet PrivÈ de Conseils s.a. 

Turkey Aristo 

United Kingdom Spider PR 

Middle East

United Arab Emirates The Content Factory 


Australia Currie Communications 


South Africa HWB Communications