This spring, Three Box is excited to welcome not one, but TWO new additions to our team!

Meet Teddi Cliett and Audrey Spiars, Three Box’s public relations and marketing interns, respectively. Both ladies joined Three Box in January 2018 and were quick to get their hands dirty. In their first few weeks, Teddi has gained national media pitching experience and Audrey has designed a stunning website for a client – talk about diving right in!

As part of our “Meet Three Box” series, let’s get to know Teddi (T) and Audrey (A) a little better.


What inspired you to pursue an internship at a strategic communications agency?

T: I love staying busy, and communications agencies are always moving and shaking – it’s a good fit for me.

A: If I'm being honest, it was Amanda Hill (Three Box’s principal and CEO). This time last year, I had every intention of interning at one of the Big Four accounting firms, but in quite the turn of events, Amanda scooped me up and I ended up at Three Box! I loved the idea of getting to be on the more creative/marketing side of a communications agency. I also knew that I would be challenged and encouraged here, and that was attractive to me.

As a recent and soon-to-be college graduate, what are some of your career goals?

T: I’d love to look back on my career and see how I made a difference in my local community by using my passion for storytelling and creative communications. I’m still trying to define what that difference actually looks like, but I know I’ll feel fulfilled in my career when I’m impacting others in a positive way.

A: It would be awesome to pursue full-time wedding and portrait photography after college. I also think it would be cool to be a creative business consultant and help super gifted and creative people understand the business side of things to make their ideas profitable! I'm also pretty confident that I'll do full-time ministry at some point.

What’s one skill you hope to grow and develop during your internship with Three Box?

T: All of them. All of the skills. My goal is to soak up as much information as possible about what makes a great PR professional, especially in regards to agency work, so I can apply it to myself and my career.

A: Getting my degree in accounting doesn't allow for a ton of creative pursuits in the classroom, so I'm really hoping to take advantage of my time here to grow my technical skills in web design as well as Adobe programs like InDesign – super cool tools that I know will serve me and others well in the future.

What’s on your playlist at the moment?

T: I’ve been feeling some 90’s-00’s alternative lately. Going from Pearl Jam to The Fray makes for a solid morning commute. Oh, and show tunes. Always show tunes.

A: I can't get enough of "Dear Evan Hansen" and "Hamilton.” They're just so captivating and thoughtful! Also "The Greatest Showman" soundtrack is unbelievable, and I'm now realizing that I sound like a total musical nerd.

Name your favorite hobbies outside of work.

T: I love to cook, do yoga, visit farmers markets and take my ill-behaved dog on adventures.

A: Photography definitely tops the list. It's probably out-grown the word "hobby" at this point, but I love it and would do it for free (just don't tell that to the people who pay me). I also love great coffee, so I really enjoy finding new coffee shops. I'm also currently working on perfecting my V60 ... stay tuned.

Favorite movie of all time?

T: This is a hard one. I’m an awards season snob (the Oscars are like Christmas), so every year I have a new movie I’m completely obsessed with. However, “Little Miss Sunshine” makes me feel all of the emotions every time I watch it, so I’ll go with that.

A: Definitely “The Parent Trap.” It's a classic with great music and a young Lindsay Lohan. I will walk out of my wedding to the song "Everlasting Love.”

What’s on your Dallas bucket list?

T: Find the best eggs benedict in the city, finally make it out to the Texas State Fair and watch the Cowboys bring home a Super Bowl win.

A: See lots of musicals and shows, run the Dallas half-marathon and commit to finding the very best tacos, ice cream, mac and cheese and lattes in the city. And a big dream, at some point in my life, is to paint a giant typography wall mural in the city!