Today’s communications space is more congested than ever before (surprise to no one), causing the value of an individual’s attention to skyrocket. Brands everywhere are challenged to create content that’s quick enough, smart enough, funny enough and bold enough – or else they’ll get left behind.

Since impactful communication is at the heart of everything we do, knowing how the world around us is changing allows for us to build more strategic plans, offer informed council to the decision makers at the table, and better achieve the results we’re after.

So, how exactly are audiences changing? Below are a few fast facts from Amazon’s Kristin Graham with pro-tips courtesy of the Three Box team.

The average attention span is 7 seconds long. Goldfish have us beat by one second.

  • PRO TIP: Be aware of everything that is fighting for the attention of your audience and get to the point.

49% of people will stop reading after 111 words. This post is already 144 words – still reading?

  • PRO TIP: Put the call to action at the beginning of your content, inverted pyramid style.

65 percent of people are visual learners. Even more, people remember 10 percent of what they hear, 20 percent of what the read and 80 percent of what they see.

Most working professionals are connected to technology at least 12 hours a day, on average.

  • PRO TIP: Utilize the digital space — web, social media, email marketing and more.

Audiences stay on live videos 3X longer than recorded content.

  • PRO TIP: The success of a live stream still depends on the message and the audience. Don’t go live just for the sake of doing something different.

90-second videos only have a 59 percent average retention rate (30-minute videos only have a 14 percent average retention rate).

  • PRO TIP: One minute or less is the sweet spot for video content, and always include subtitles for those watching without sound.

Header photo courtesy of Pixabay via Adobe Spark.