The Three Box team believes that we are only as successful as the community around us. Because of that, we created Three Box Impact in 2018 as a way to contribute to local nonprofits that are championing education and empowering students of all ages and backgrounds.

The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy at A. Maceo Smith (BOMLA) was one of the three organizations we decided to support because we recognized that not only was everyone on our team fortunate to receive an education, but each of our lives would have looked completely different if the opportunity for those experiences hadn’t been available to us.

BOMLA was born from the idea that while talent is distributed equally, opportunity is not, and education alone can be the differing point between an impactful leader and an at-risk student who gets left behind.

Three Box had the pleasure of touring the BOMLA campus where we were greeted by a sea of bright, intellectual young men, ranging from ages 11 to 18, gladly sharing what they were learning that day in class and where they hope to attend college. From their pristine uniforms to their comradery in the hallways, each grade level is a stronger example of how brotherhood, community and opportunity can impact the success of an entire generation.

Three Box Impact serves as a reminder that organizations rise by lifting others, because nobody ever got anywhere alone. Learn more at

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