Three Box is thrilled to introduce our new public relations intern, Alexia Johnson! Alexia is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of North Texas and will be spending the summer with us! As part of our "Meet Three Box" series, let's get to know Alexia a little better.

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What inspired you to pursue a career in public relations?

I would be lying if I said that I always knew exactly what I wanted to do. I went through numerous career ideas, including becoming a veterinarian, a surgeon and even a chef (I love cooking and eating in my spare time). Through each of these potential career options, I’ve learned that I am devoted to helping others. My high school experience with broadcast journalism influenced me to major in broadcast during my freshman year at the University of North Texas. Although I enjoyed the fast-paced atmosphere, meeting new people and hearing their stories, I wanted to have a more direct impact by helping those people achieve their goals. After doing research about public relations, I was drawn to its relationship-building aspect and the way that PR professionals are able to create strategies that achieve the client’s communications goals.

What do you hope to take away from your internship with Three Box? 

Overall, I want to further develop my PR skills, especially media training and strategy building. A specific goal of mine is to become more confident with my work.

As a soon-to-be graduate, what are some of your career goals? 

Education and experience in public relations open numerous opportunities. Although this is exciting, it makes it difficult for me to choose just one career. I think that initially, I would benefit from a public relations agency because I can learn more about many different industries. If I don’t stay within the realm of agency PR, I would like to become a political campaign manager. After my years (hopefully) of experience, I hope to improve public relations programs at both national and international universities.


Tell us all about life in the Bahamas!

I have always loved being Bahamian, but I didn’t value the country’s beauty and distinctive qualities as much as I should until I left! As expected, I enjoyed eating savory seafood dishes, citrusy desserts and visiting the beaches. Growing up, I felt like it was always too hot and I wished for snow. But in comparison to other countries that I have visited, the weather always seems to be just right – never too hot, cold or windy. Another aspect of living in The Bahamas that I really enjoy is the people. Bahamians are very happy-go-lucky yet determined people, which makes it very easy to love and interact with us.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy watching emotional movies on Netflix because I’m a crybaby at heart. I also search for new music very often. My favorite genres are R&B, hip-hop and experimental music. I even went to my first concert here in Dallas!

What's on your playlist at the moment?

As I mentioned, I thoroughly enjoy finding new music, so I have way too many playlists with way too many songs! The playlist that I listen to while getting ready for the day includes: Beyoncé’s entire “Homecoming” album (it makes me feel like I can do anything) and Soca songs like “Overdue” and “Fallin’” that are very high-energy. For my after work and relaxation playlist, I have slower, R&B/jazzy songs like “Up Late” and “Whipped Cream” by Ari Lennox, “Dreams” by Solange and “Like the Piano” by Sampha.

Favorite TV show and movie? 

I recently started watching more television, so my list of shows that I watch is not very long. I watch mainly crime procedural dramas or anything similar, and my favorite that I will watch over and over again is “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Although I never watched much television, I have always enjoyed movies and will willingly watch anything as long as it is not a horror (I am easily frightened and have an overactive imagination). My all-time favorite movies that I watch more than three times a year are “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “Moana.”

What's on your Dallas bucket list? 

Dallas is so large and there is so much that I hear about or that I see when I’m commuting. This year, I’m determined to attend the state fair. The stories that my friends have told me about the endless food options, Big Tex and the other attractions have made me slightly envious and very excited to go.