I hear (and ask) this question multiple times a day, and it’s a valid question. Most CMOs have a quick reply – usually a spout of demographic descriptors: “females, ages 35-44, with $75,000 household income,” “college-educated males living within a 20-mile radius of our location” or the ever-popular “millennials.”

That’s great for a census…but it doesn’t speak to the unique differences within each of these groups. It’s trendy to talk about diversity and inclusion today. And yet, real value comes from understanding the layers of human aspects that drive people’s deeply held beliefs and actions.

The Three Box team (photo by  Audrey Spiars Photography ).

The Three Box team (photo by Audrey Spiars Photography).

No one person fits perfectly into these demographic targets we’ve created as marketers. We all have layers and facets that will impact how we engage with one brand or another. By understanding the motivations, perspectives and values that accompany these layers, we can craft marketing messages and campaigns that resonate with our intended audiences in an authentic way.

Over the next few months, we’ll dig into diversity in communications through a blog series called “Diverse Voices.” Our own team and other Three Box friends will speak to the layers of diversity and how that impacts viewpoints. Stay tuned for personal perspectives on how to connect with LGBTQ+, people of color, working moms, Gen Z, Baby Boomers and more.

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