Congratulations to our client and friends at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, who officially launched the entity’s new brand this morning. Blake, Ashley and I were there for the big brand reveal – complete with an unveiling of the new logo, media interviews and plenty of photo opps. But the truth is, while the public first saw DFW’s new logo and look today, passengers, media and influencers have been introduced to the new brand for several months now.

You see, DFW Airport did branding right. It’s not about a logo. It’s bigger than Pantone colors. A true rebrand is a refreshing of the organization’s approach to its business.

Since CEO Sean Donohue joined DFW in 2013, he, the board and his leadership team have been aggressively pursuing excellence at the world’s fourth busiest airport.

DFW close up-2
DFW close up-2

In three years, Sean has added several new international routes, giving Dallas Fort Worth residents (and tons of connecting passengers) access to destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all over the world.

If you’ve been to DFW recently, surely you’ve noticed the major renovations that are finishing up, thanks to the TRIP program.

Follow @dfwairport on nearly any social media channel, and you’ll notice an immediate and personal response to any comment – whether positive or negative.

And, this year, the Airport hired a new senior vice president totally in charge of improving the customer experience.

Now that is a rebrand.

So, again, congratulations to DFW Airport on the public launch of exciting changes that have been in the works for some time. We’re looking forward to journeying with you and our other agency partners – including Alpha Business Images, MRR & Associates and The Marketing Zen Group – on this new brand path.

Be sure to follow DFW Airport’s on Periscope for videos of today’s event and more to come!

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