With today’s big event for the new Apple Watch, it’s time to highlight a new angle of connecting with customers through wearable technology. Consumers have increased their focus on health and fitness, and smart companies will find ways to serve the market’s needs. At Goldman Sachs’ Technology and Internet Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook timely declared, “Sitting is the new cancer.” The idea that sitting leads to increased risk of diabetes and heart disease like smoking does with cancer resonates with all of us. Most of us lead a fairly sedentary work life, but through technology innovation we can stay more active. Whether or not you should invest in a standing desk is up to you, but there are cheaper and possibly more effective ways to get moving and stay engaged.


Photo by Mark Mathosian


With wearable technology and now-standard health apps on smart phones, we can all track our activity on a regular basis – from steps to sleep cycle. The new Apple Watch, like the JawboneUP series, will vibrate when the wearer is inactive for too long.

All this works, too. We’ve started to take the stairs down for that afternoon latte run. We challenge our co-workers and FitBit friends to a “Workweek Hustle.” We've downloaded the Couch to 5K app to gear up for that Corporate Challenge race next month. We all double-tapped when we saw Beyoncé’s #GimmeFive Instagram engaging with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move! Initiative.

As life imitates art, we begin to capitalize through what I’d like to call “active connecting.” In the past, some of our favorite assignments have been helping clients connect through race sponsorships, like the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. Social media coupled with wearable technology gives us a new way to connect. We helped DFW Airport give away new FitBits to customers through social media engagement and highlighted the Airport’s LiveWell Walking Path. Later this month, we’re excited to utilize Twitter to give away a 10K entry to GE’s Irving Marathon. Living well is important to all of us. Why not incorporate it into our corporate and brand culture?

Thanks to wearable technology, connecting with customers to get active and encouraging them to live healthy is a big win. So will the Apple Watch be a big flop? Time will tell, but active connecting through digital engagement is here to stay.

Photo Credit: Mark Mathosian