There are two very different types of public relations professionals in this world – agency people and corporate people. As someone who has spent her entire career on the agency side, I can’t speak for the corporate communications or internal PR side, but I can share some of the reasons I love working in a PR agency environment. Variety, Variety, Variety

This is probably the most obvious (and most important) case for PR agency work. Every day is different, and that’s how we like it! There's nothing more energizing than jumping into a brainstorm or working a media event after spending the morning at my desk writing a technical paper.

Agency life also brings variety with the types of organizations on the client list.  Working with clients across multiple industries not only keeps things interesting, but also provides more diverse experiences for us to draw from as counselors. It’s a win-win.

Creative Flexibility

Clients hire PR agencies for a number of reasons, but one particular benefit we bring is creativity. We’re encouraged to stretch our creative muscles frequently and propose out-of-the-box ideas for even the most conservative clients.

As “outsiders,” we’re able to provide fresh perspective and ideas that might otherwise be left on the cutting room floor because of corporate red tape or the status quo. Creative flexibility drives award-winning PR campaigns.

Unlimited Learning

I am constantly in awe of all the smart people I get to work with every day. From energy to entertainment, our clients are experts in their fields, openly sharing their knowledge with us as we work toward a common goal.

When I first started my career in PR, I had no clue I would be able to hold my own in conversations about technology and cybersecurity or the latest trends in the convenience store industry. I know more about the world around me because of the exposure I’ve had in an agency setting.

Access to Ideas

Crowdsourcing can be an extremely effective way to gather information and solve problems…and PR agencies are a hot bed for this type of thinking. When I need a second opinion or a fresh set of ideas, I’m surrounded by team members who can share past experiences, new approaches and thoughtful solutions.

As an active member of the Public Relations Global Network, LPR also has access to professionals and ideas all over the world – which really comes in handy when a client is facing a situation we haven't encountered before.

Professional Development Perks

Last but not least, since PR agencies are expected to stay on top of the latest trends, professional development is a priority for team members at every level. Our entire agency is actively involved in the Public Relations Society of America, and we take turns participating in and sharing takeaways from various workshops and events.

In a field that is constantly changing with new technology and new media, focused professional development is invaluable for PR pros.


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