If you stop in to the Lewis Public Relations website from time to time, you may have noticed a few changes. (Ok, so maybe a whole new site...) We've been working over the past several weeks to launch a fresh, new website design to give our clients, colleagues and prospects a better feel for our brand and results. A side benefit, though, is optimizing our site for mobile and beating the now infamous Mobilegeddon deadline. For those outside the PR world, Google announced that its mobile page rank algorithm would take a website's mobile-friendly design into account, starting today. Web designers said "Finally!" PR pros said "Oh, cr@p!" A lot of companies and agencies went back to the drawing board to make sure their sites were ready.

PR agencies are experts at counseling on digital best practices, but we often put our own brands aside to focus on our clients. At LPR, we're working to give attention to both - starting with this new site. In the coming weeks, look for more frequent updates on client wins, news hits and meaningful results. Our team scores big all the time. We want to use this site to share those successes with you.

With all this Mobilegeddon talk online, I read an interesting point about chasing the Google algorithm (see also Facebook, etc.) versus stepping out in front of what the algorithm wants. As experts, it's our job to stay in front, and LPR wants to lead the pack.

Want to know if your website is optimized for mobile? Take a second and check out Google's mobile-friendly test.