For our second “Three Box Day” (March 3), our team began brainstorming a creative and fun way to celebrate the brand's first birthday. We wanted to do something that both highlighted our accomplishments from the past year and also poked fun at everything that comes with a rebrand. After bouncing around some ideas at our weekly staff meeting, we decided to produce a video parody of the popular show, “The Office.”

Teddi Cliett and I were tasked with scripting, filming and editing the video. The team contributed most of the scene ideas, and after compiling everyone’s, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we …” notes, we ran with it. Miraculously, we cross-referenced nine busy work calendars with our filming schedule and were finally ready to say, "Action!"

It’s no secret that Three Box does not employ a cast of Hollywood A-listers. PR professionals are typically preparing others to be in front of the camera, so it was interesting to see everyone step out of their comfort zones. We laughed our way through most of the process, and the entire team did a great job.

The final scene, though scripted, was the team’s actual toast to our successful first year as Three Box. It was so fun to reminisce on everything that has happened since March 3, 2017, and celebrate the exciting things to come.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we loved producing it. “Cheers!” to another fantastic year!