Lewis Public Relations Principal Blake Lewis was approached by CNN Money to provide some public relations insight on what they called the worst job on earth, “Chief Media Contact” for BP. Blake provided perspective on what the job would entail based on his vast experience working in similar crisis communications situations.

Worst job on Earth: BP calling all applicants

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- It could quite possibly be called the worst job on Earth -- and the position is open.

BP is looking to hire a new spokesperson to serve as the chief media contact for the oil giant's Gulf Coast clean-up efforts.

The job description? Essentially minimize the harm done to BP's reputation by overseeing company press releases, talking points and interviews with the media related to the oil spill that has plagued the Gulf Coast since April.

The spill has proven a public relations nightmare for the company, as the spreading oil's environmental damage flies in the face of the BP's previous efforts to paint itself under the green banner of "Beyond Petroleum."

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