When public relations is in your blood, there are two paths you could take in life. You either run far, far away or you embrace it. As we celebrate Amanda Lewis Hill’s second anniversary at LPR today, I just want to say that we’re VERY glad she decided to embrace her public relations roots…and we’re particularly thankful she finally came to work with her dad here at LPR. AH-officeYes, LPR Principal and Founder Blake Lewis is Amanda’s dad. We don’t usually make a big deal about it because Amanda made a point to gain experience outside of the family business before joining the team. She’d been learning from her dad her entire life, and she wanted to expand her experiences and learn from other public relations mentors, too.

With that in mind, Amanda started her career at FleishmanHillard and spent several years in corporate communications at Texas Farm Bureau. In her spare time, she earned her MBA from The University of Texas and became accredited in public relations…all before joining the LPR team in 2013. Did I mention she’s also taught as an adjunct professor at Baylor and currently serves as president of the PRSA Central Texas Chapter?

The point is…Amanda is not your average boss’ daughter. She didn’t take the easy route to get here, and we’re all better for it!

Happy LPR anniversary, AH. Thanks for letting me share your story, even if you won’t let me share the old photos. ; )