Nearly nine years ago, several common connections brought us the opportunity to meet Mark Bowlin and to get acquainted with EverittCo.  At LPR, we had completed our fifth year of working as strategic communications consultants, and had started working to build broader internal capabilities… particularly in design, video and web.  Getting to know one another, we both saw ways that we could make each other’s companies stronger and more nimble in delivering even more powerful communications programs.  What started as a traditional sale of services soon morphed into consulting with each other on new activities and, later, going to market together.  As a result, we earned some great assignments together.

Even though our teams complemented each other and delivered a “one plus one equals three” equation, Mark and I  wanted to pilot our own ships.  As a result, we set in place a number of structures to allow us to increasingly leverage technology and other assets to the benefit of our public, community and corporate relations clients and EverittCo’s marketing customers.

Recently, the time came for EverittCo to gain greater scope within its disciplines.  As a result, the team connected with Aars | Wells, a firm led by our friend Alex Wells, with whom we’d had a chance to collaborate on a few key projects in the past. Since then, our three organizations have gotten even more familiar with each other.

Earlier today, Mark shared with EverittCo clients and others that his firm would be merging with Aars | Wells.  We’re all looking forward to continuing our collaborative activities in the coming months and years as trusted colleagues and friends.  More importantly, we are wishing Mark, Alex and their employees all the best as they take two talented marketing firms and make them one.