December 5 Update This week, Irving Flood Control District Section III continues work on preliminary site improvements involving electrical service at the District’s Valley Ranch pump station.

Recognizing the appropriateness of conducting a thorough evaluation of equipment and facilities that were developed more than 25 years ago, the District engaged engineering firm Freese and Nichols, Inc. last year to assess the existing electrical system at the pump station at the Southeast corner of Valley Ranch. Given the age of the equipment and changing electrical codes and best practices, Freese and Nichols recommended replacement and installation of new Oncor-supplied transformers, as well as replacement of switching equipment used to control the large pumps. The firm also recommended several associated civil and electrical engineering improvements at the station.

“This is a major capital improvement initiative for our District, creating greater redundancy in sources of power for operating pumps and other equipment, while paving the way for installation of a back-up generation system for the pump station,” said Kim Andres, Irving Flood Control District Section III president. “While many maintenance and management projects conducted by IFCD 3 are visible to the community – such ascanal maintenance to manage water levels throughout the system – others are less evident. Updating power systems for the pump station certainly is one of those unseen initiatives of great importance to individual and business residents of Valley Ranch.”

A final upgrade to the pump station as recommended by the District’s engineers is the installation of a back-up electrical generator to provide further level of electrical system redundancy. Several options are being considered for this project, which is currently planned for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.