Great things came out of the Lunch ‘n Learn that we organized for our extended office team last week featuring search engine marketing consultant Anita Pinkerton.

Anita, who used her experiences in large corporate and agency environments to form an entrepreneurial SEO/SEM consultancy, shared some valuable trends and tips during our session.

Here are a few highlights:

1.      Keywords Are #1

Identifying and using the right keywords throughout website content continues to be the number one rule for on-site optimization. When writing site content, select two to three keywords per page to incorporate throughout the site.

 2.      Take Advantage of Online Tools

Many online tools exist to identify the most appropriate key words and phrases to choose when optimizing a website. While some require significant investments, a few free tools to check out are Google Keyword Tool and SEO Rush.

 3.      Think Like Your Target Audience

Finding keywords that perform in the right client context is the most challenging part of the task; it’s essential to balance corporate branding and positioning terms with how your target audience would think to search for you.

 4.      Monitor and Analyze  Data

The sequence of keywords searched will continuously change and so will search engine capabilities and methodologies. Make sure to monitor keyword rankings and site traffic. Google Analytics is a great and free tool that provides site data that you can review and analyze to maximize site traffic.

 5.      Content and Web Developers Must work Together

While front-end content is king, it must share the throne with developers of the back-end code that delivers the site; use of all the key structural attributes of a Web page – key words, page titles, headers and even the naming and configuration of the site’s structure – can improve or detract from search engine performance.

We all came away with a refreshed appreciation for what happens behind the curtain of key search engines… perspective that will help us better serve our clients.  Any additional SEO tips you would add to our list?