Remember the feeling of the last day of school? The clock wound down and all you could think about was three months of free time, spending time with friends, hanging out at the pool... Then life happens. The real world kicks in. Schedules fill up. But summer's draw is still strong.

At Lewis Public Relations, we set out to capture that summer fun again by encouraging our team to get out and enjoy some free time. So, we created the LPR Summer Fridays program. We formed two teams to be sure clients were always served and the office remained open. Every other week, each team member can work ahead and take off after lunch for a fun Friday afternoon.

Some of us went on trips...

LPR Summer Friday-Christi Chesner

LPR Summer Friday - Ashley Brazell

Others hung out with friends...

LPR Summer Friday-Jennifer Kim

LPR Summer Friday-Shelby Tidwell

Blake spent time with his grandson...

LPR Summer Friday-Blake Lewis

And me? I used the time to run errands like getting my hair cut. (When you have a toddler, "alone time" is pretty appealing!)

LPR Summer Friday-Amanda Hill

We still have a few weeks left of Summer Fridays, and the team agrees it's been a great addition to our LPR culture.

What programs feed and energize your team? Let us know in a comment below, or tweet us at @LPRDallas.