PRGN Knowing something before it’s official is a pretty typical item in the public relations toolbox. We regularly counsel clients on future events, awards and such all the time, expressing surprise when asked if it’s OK to “just tell a few friends.” Now, I understand how challenging it can be to keep a secret. Earlier this month, I traveled to Sydney, Australia, to meet with the members of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), an organization of nearly 50 smart, strategic and capable public relations agencies located throughout the world. The purpose was to present LPR’s expertise and make a bid for admission into the network.

I’m more than pleased to tell you that we’ve been selected, and the official news release about our appointment was distributed earlier today, bringing an immediate series of benefits to LPR. First and foremost, our affiliation with the network delivers capabilities in major business markets around the world, with a particular strength in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Additionally, we now have access to offices in 15 major markets in the U.S. This provides an even stronger base of coordinated service for LPR clients who could benefit from proven capabilities and “boots on the ground,” whether across the country or around the world.

PRGN also delivers opportunity for our agency to support other Network members. We’ve already started assisting a client of the Miami-based Conway Martinez Group with a strategic assignment in Houston, and led a multinational team on pursuit of a special assignment for a Fortune-100 company.

Perhaps of greatest significance to me is the recognition that this membership brings to my LPR colleagues by earning us opportunities to work with agency peers on multi-national assignments, further reinforcing the trust and confidence we regularly receive from our clients.

So, better than ever, we understand that great news can be hard to embargo… but, as we tell our clients, it’s worth the wait!