Growing up in the Lewis family, we had what we called "mandatory family fun." We would joke about outings as if they weren't an option, but we secretly (or not so secretly) really enjoyed them. This month, the Lewis Public Relations team took a page from the Lewis family book and had some "mandatory agency fun" at the State Fair of Texas. Now, if you're not from Texas - or you just haven't been to the fair - you may not fully appreciate what a BIG deal it is.

Dallas BIG with Lewis Public Relations

We came prepared with bucket list items... You know, things we HAD to do. For Christi, it was getting a cold glass of the 2014 award-winning Funnel Cake Ale.

State Fair of Texas Funnel Cake Ale

Tyler and Blake wanted to go check out their new car. (They wish...)

Blake tests his Corvette

Tyler tests his Corvette, too

Jennifer won big at the Greyhound exhibit - scoring these sweet sunglasses for Christi.

New Lewis Public Relations ops manager Jennifer wins big

And, me? I had been craving a Fried Snickers...

Fried Snickers at the State Fair of Texas

And finally, we had to say hello to our old (but newly restored) friend, Big Tex.

Big Tex and LPR at the State Fair of Texas 2014

I'd say that's some pretty great "mandatory agency fun," if you ask me. (Though, we missed our sixth LPR team member, Shelby Tidwell. Next time, Shelby!)