Before you continue reading, check out the first and second posts in this blog series. This year’s March Madness tournament has been nothing short of thrilling so far, with the perfect balance of great plays, buzzer-beaters and heartbreaking losses (this clip of a crying Villanova flute player is too good to leave out). It’s only fitting the third and final lesson I learned is to celebrate wins.

Acknowledging victories, big or small, builds momentum for your team and creates motivation to continue producing good work.

One practical way to recognize success is continually tracking client metrics – from media hits to website impressions to sales contacts resulting from your PR efforts. Coverage reports are usually mandatory, but they provide a measurable way to track success.

Notice the success of your teammates and share those wins with your clients. When your team unifies around a positive outcome, they can take a brief step away from everyday tasks and build camaraderie through a shared victory.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember a specific goal when we are concentrated on the tasks to meet that goal. Celebrating wins can remind the entire team that goal-setting is important to each individual and the company. Hard work pays off, so celebrate when your goals are reached!

This is the final installment of Shelby's “March Madness for PR” series. Check out the first post, "March Madness for PR: Get a Game Plan," and the second post, "March Madness for PR: Utilize Your Team."

Photo by kstevens77 via Flickr