March Madness for PR: Utilize Your Team

March Madness for PR: Utilize Your Team

If you’re just now tuning in, be sure to read the first installment of this March Madness blog series. After doing your homework and knowing what you need to do, it’s important to acknowledge who you’re working with.

The second PR agency lesson I’ve learned from the NCAA Tournament is utilize your team.

In basketball, games are won or lost as a team. Yes, there are certain natural-born leaders who emerge and lead their team when the opposition is strong, but they can’t win a game on their own. Even points scored by an individual player were the result of a play called by the coach and a well-executed assist from a teammate.

Utilize your teammates. Ask a colleague to edit that release you’ve been staring at for an hour. Seek advice from the coworker who has a relationship with the reporter you’re trying to reach. Work with a mentor to find stretch projects and reach new goals.

When it comes to new ideas, multiple heads are usually better than one. Bouncing ideas around keeps things fresh and relevant and can reduce unhealthy pressure on an individual to “do it all.”

In an industry where we are taught to expect the unexpected, it’s vital to spur one another on. High-priority tasks can be added to your to-do list at the last second, and it’s important to remember your teammates are valuable resources. Sharing workloads allows for better efficiency, which can lead to increased success for clients.

Check back tomorrow, when Shelby will share the last in her “March Madness for PR” series. Click here for the first post, "March Madness for PR: Get a Game Plan."

Photo credit: J R via Flickr