Our client, Alon Brands, the Dallas-based supplier and marketer of fuels and largest licensee of 7-Eleven in North America, this week announced its support of the new Marine Recovery Fund (MRF). This fund exists to support service personnel seriously injured while in service in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. U.S. armed forces are being deployed every day in some of the most dangerous settings in the world, facing the potential of serious injury as a result of their service. In situations where this potential becomes a reality, these injured soldiers often face life-changing situations that call for substantial levels of support.

The MRF started as a venture of several individuals and organizations located across Texas, looking to support the family of a Marine explosive ordnance disposal technician from Odessa who had been seriously injured while serving with a multi-national force in Afghanistan. However, broader interest in the unique needs of family members of service men and women seriously injured in active duty gained the attention of Alon Brands, amongst others, resulting in the individual fund being expanded into the MRF.

One program supporting the MRF was developed by MillerCoors through a contribution of 50 cents for each case of Miller Lite 18-pack of cans/bottles or a 9-pack of aluminum pints sold at any participating retail outlets in West Texas and New Mexico through July 31. As the lead retail outlet in this campaign, 302 ALON and FINA/7-Eleven stores are supporting this initiative.

The new MRF is being administered by the Boot Campaign, a grassroots initiative started by five Texas women known as the Boot Girls. The Boot Campaign provides an easy and tangible way for Americans to show appreciation - both past and present - cultivate awareness of the challenges they face upon return and raise funds that assist in meeting these physical and emotional needs.

The experience and capabilities of the Boot Campaign enable the new MRF to benefit from a capable and experienced Boot Campaign team as the fund creates it future.