Last month we launched our blog series “Meet LPR” as a way for you to get to know the fun and talented professionals that make up our agency. Today’s post marks the second installment of our blog series and features LPR’s Director of Strategic Development Amanda Lewis Hill. Hill, Amanda_HeadshotPRSA

Name: Amanda Lewis Hill Joined LPR: September 23, 2013 Clients:  Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Methode Electronics – Data Solutions Group, McKinstry, ConocoPhillips

1) Tell us something interesting about yourself that most people might not know? I am a closet nerd. My husband, Erik, and I watch “Wheel of Fortune,” listen to NPR and keep a running spreadsheet of our financial progress and goals. Ok, so maybe that won’t surprise anyone…

2) What's the best PR advice you've ever received? The best advice I ever received was to make yourself indispensable. From the beginning, I asked a lot of questions and looked for ways to volunteer for bigger projects. It usually meant longer hours and new challenges, but my efforts were always noticed. Going that extra mile makes a difference – both to your teams and your clients.

3) List the three most interesting projects or campaigns you’ve worked on. Wow. As I think back, I’m proud to have the opportunity to work on great programs with fantastic teams. Some of my favorites include:

  • A public outreach campaign for ConocoPhillips. We traveled the country with senior leaders to engage consumers in conversations about energy. It was a Silver Anvil-winning program. Very cool!
  • Riding a horse while interviewing a Texas Farm Bureau leader. I was writing an article about a well-known and wonderful man of Texas agriculture, Joe Maley. Joe invited me to his Central Texas ranch and insisted I ride one of his horses. I loved telling the stories of Texas farmers and ranchers.
  • Inaugural flight events for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Standing on the tarmac, with a giant 777 taxiing under a water cannon, is definitely one of my coolest experiences so far.

4) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? At the risk of sounding cliché, I really do hope to be right here a decade from now. Lewis Public Relations is growing, and I’m excited about where we’ll be in 10 years. By that time, though, I hope to have taken a really great vacation to Europe. I also hope my hair is still blonde.

5) Some might say PR is in your blood. What was it like growing up with exposure to the PR profession? It’s true. I wanted to earn respect as a PR professional on my own merit, but I feel very fortunate that Blake is both my dad and my greatest mentor.

Growing up, though, I knew that being in PR meant calls from clients (on our home phone!) in the middle of the night, events on weekends and late nights at the office preparing for a pitch. But we also got to do a lot of cool things. I remember going to a cycling race that EDS sponsored, special tickets to Dallas sporting events and cool family trips – likely thanks to frequent flier miles. Most of all, I knew my dad worked extremely hard but placed his family above everything else.

After I graduated, Blake never pressured me to join the family business and encouraged me to chart my own course. When the opportunity came to join the LPR team, though, I jumped at the chance.

6) Give us a look behind the scenes of LPR. What's one thing that makes us unique? We support each other. Whether it’s that someone needs extra hands for a client project or just a word of encouragement, we really care about each other and celebrate our individuality. I like that we’re a close-knit team.

Amanda Lewis Hill at Texas Farm Bureau


When asked one word (or phrase) to describe Amanda, here’s what her LPR teammates said:

“Double Vision”– “Amanda has the skill to focus on long term objectives but is also able to clearly see the short term needs to achieve results.”

Superwoman – “As a director at LPR, chapter president for PRSA Central Texas, an adjunct professor at Baylor, a mom and a wife…she does it all and makes it look easy.”

Positive Attitude“Amanda always has a great attitude even when things don’t go as planned. Her ability to take negative situation and spin it into a positive really pays off for the agency and our clients.”

Sharp - "Amanda is very strategic and always on the ball. Very rarely do you meet someone who can take a plan and deliver results as flawlessly as she can."

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