LPR is growing! This installment of "Meet LPR" features our newest associate, Ashley Brazell,  who came on board just last week. We're excited to welcome Ashley to the team and look forward to sharing her skills and experience with our clients.   Name: Ashley Brazell Joined LPR: February 2, 2015 Clients: Carrington College, McKinstry, ConocoPhillips


1. Why did you decide to leave the political sector and join a PR firm? I loved working in the political arena, but I didn't love the partisanship inside the beltway. When I moved to Washington, D.C., I was bright-eyed and very idealistic, and like many of my millennial cohorts, I wanted to affect some sort of change in our world. Initially, I wanted to accomplish my goals through the lens of public policy, but while on the Hill, I began to understand how important media, in all forms, dictates the status quo. I worked with some really great people, learned how to craft strategic messaging and just sort of never looked back.

2. What’s the best professional advice you've ever received from a mentor or colleague? It’s better to apologize later than waiting to ask for permission. I’ve had some really great mentors in my professional life. I’ve always been encouraged to take initiative and speak up and I think because of that, I have been afforded opportunities that others in my position may not have had—career or otherwise.

3. Ice Cream – Chocolate or Vanilla? Neither. My go to is Mediterranean Mint from Talenti.

4. What’s your favorite Dallas spot on the weekends? My husband has a knack for finding really great places, but I don’t think we have a favorite spot just yet. It all depends on what we’re in the mood for! We really like Ascension for a laid back brunch or well-made coffee. The masters at Parliament are really impressive if you want an artisan cocktail. Oak is fabulous. We really like the cinema, so we also frequent Alamo Drafthouse and the Angelika.

5. What is the most interesting place you've traveled (either for work or leisure)? My family is all really well-traveled and I've been really blessed to have traveled quite a bit from a really young age. I’ve been to Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. My closest sister is actually traveling all over the world right now and I’m really jealous seeing all her Instagram posts! So far, my oldest sister has the most stamps in her passport of the three of us and is currently working in Antarctica, which I would love to visit! Last year, I was able to see Ban Ki-moon speak at the United Nations; so I think technically speaking…I’ve “been” to more countries than either of them.

6. We understand that you've lived all over the U.S.  How does Dallas stack up to everywhere else? Dallas is great, except the drivers. I’m a big proponent of both hands-free laws and public transportation. I do miss being near New York’s performing arts scene, although there are some worthwhile-looking venues in the area I plan to check out. As far as a metropolitan area, Dallas has quite a bit to offer. More importantly, the best part about being back in Texas, Dallas in particular, is being closer to my family.



When asked one word (or phrase) to describe Ashley, here’s what her LPR teammates said:

Precise – “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Ashley is one of the most detail-oriented team members at LPR. Given all the Type As around here, that is saying a LOT.”

Quick Learner – “Ashley hit the ground running and has picked up on things very quickly. That’s a huge asset not only for us as a team, but for our clients, as well!”

Cooperative and eager – “On the occasions that I've worked with Ashley, she dove in headfirst to new tasks and was willing to ask questions in order to better understand new situations.”

Strategic – “She is a very quick learner and is able to look at her work from different aspects in order to get the job done.”

Self-starter – "Ashley shows initiative in attending to client and agency demands."

Intuitive - "Ashley has a knack for anticipating what needs to be done and keeping a few steps ahead. She's great at thinking on her feet."

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