This month's “Meet LPR” post features our founder and principal, Blake Lewis. His interview was conducted by Amanda, so prepare for some candid answers... Name: Blake Lewis III, APR, Fellow PRSA "Joined" LPR: First Quarter, 2000 Role: Founder, Principal & Senior Consultant

Blake Lewis of Lewis Public Relations Dallas

1. Describe what it was like to leave an established PR career to start your own agency.  In the first 20 or so years of my career, I had moved through a series of opportunities that allowed me to work on both the corporate and agency sides with a series of strong, established brands. These experiences collectively set the stage for starting LPR.

2. Favorite vacation destination?  I probably enjoyed going to Maui for my 40th birthday the most. Working in a global setting, I’ve visited several destinations, but it's hard to compete with the beauty of Hawaii.

3. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 30-year-old self?  Create the work-life balance for myself that I since have committed to delivering for our entire team.

4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Honey Roasted Peanuts? (You can only choose one.)  Honey Roasted Peanuts because the value proposition is larger. They’re more portable, more reasonably packaged and are a much better compliment to a broader range of beverages.

5. You have unique hobbies/skills outside of PR. Can you name a few?  I have a number of diversions over the years: amateur radio, trap and skeet shooting, photography and construction and remodeling.

6. What makes you most proud?  I’m really most proud of the accomplishments of the people around me. A spouse who always has done the next right thing for family and those with whom she has worked, shaping her path to teaching and guiding young people. A next generation of family who all are successfully reaching for their individual stars and applying their spiritual gifts. A team of colleagues who believe in what LPR can accomplish and who contribute to that vision every day.

Blake Lewis, APR, Fellow PRSA


When asked one word (or phrase) to describe Blake, here’s what his LPR teammates said:

Dedicated – "Blake is one of the most dedicated, focused people I have ever met. He gives 100 percent to everything he does, both personally and professionally."

Perfectionist – "He takes every client program to heart, so each and every detail matters. The LPR brand means everything to him, and he wants to be sure we're always delivering our best."

Mentor – "Blake is really great about sharing his experiences and wisdom and guiding junior level team members as they continue to grow in the PR profession."

Strategic – "Blake has set a clear vision for LPR's success. He is very strategic and always delivers for the team and our clients."

Results-Driven – "It's evident in almost every promotional LPR outlet: we are about outcomes, not outputs. Blake is consistent in the way he interacts with and serves clients to ensure that statement remains true, and he expects nothing less from his team."

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