This is the third installment of our "Meet LPR" series, where we give you an inside look at the Lewis Public Relations team. So, without further ado, we introduce to you... Christi Chesner, LPR's director of Account Service.  Name: Christi Chesner Joined LPR: Jan. 1, 2008 Clients: Alon Brands/7-Eleven, Alon USA, EMerge Alliance, Acumera

Christi Chesner Headshot1. What made you decide to get into PR? I’ve always been fascinated by the media world. My dad was a meteorologist for KXAS/NBC 5 in Dallas for 23 years, and I spent my childhood writing “novels” on a typewriter under his desk at the TV station. I knew I wanted to help other people tell their stories when I grew up, but I was much more interested in being behind the camera, rather than in front of it. As soon as I learned about public relations in my Intro to Mass Communications class at Texas Tech, I knew it was the perfect career for me. I declared my major and never looked back.


2. You’ve been with the agency longer than anyone else. What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen at LPR over the years? LPR has evolved so much since I started here as an associate in 2008. In addition to new offices, new team members and new clients, we’ve adapted to new technology, a changing media landscape and the explosion of social media for business communications.  Most importantly, each year has been better than the last, and I’m excited about the future for LPR.

3. Favorite Dallas hangout? White Rock Lake. Hands down.

4. What advice do you give PR students and new pros? Read everything you can get your hands on, always take advantage of opportunities to hone your writing skills and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

5. Chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin? Chocolate chip!

6. What’s one program or project for which you’re most proud? I got the chance to work on one of the largest retail rebranding projects in the country in 2012, when our client, Alon Brands, changed its fuel brand from FINA to ALON at nearly 900 convenience stores across the Southwest. LPR had a place at the table from the very beginning, and the program was a huge success for our client and the firm.

Lewis Public Relations' Christi Chesner got her public relations start at Texas Tech University


When asked one word (or phrase) to describe Christi, here’s what her LPR teammates said:

Strategic – “Christi always thinks ahead to what will best drive our client programs and our client results.”

Team Player – “Whenever anyone on the team needs assistance, Christi is there to lend a helping hand. Her work ethic is top notch, and it really shows in the work she delivers for the team and her clients.”

Driven – “Mediocrity just isn’t a word Christi knows. She looks at each opportunity, assignment and project with a critical eye to find where we can improve to deliver better value and results.”

Joyful – “She beams a smile and joy every moment. Christi always has a positive attitude and brings extra fun to our agency.”

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