Meet the Media: Jessica Golden, CNBC
Meet the Media: Jessica Golden, CNBC

Lewis Public Relations works with media professionals every day, and we value the relationships we’ve built along the way. In today’s “Meet the Media,” I’d like to introduce you to Jessica Golden, a field producer covering sports business at CNBC. Jessica and I worked together on piece featuring Topgolf at last month’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Name: Jessica Golden Outlet: CNBC Title: Field Producer

What do you like about working with public relations professionals? To me, it’s all about relationships, getting to know the PR person. They know the things that work for us and don’t work for us, and they think of us – not for everything – but when they have something that they know will work.

I don’t like being pitched things that have no connection to my beat. I’m a sports business producer, and I’m pitched healthcare stories. I’m pitched political angles. A lot of the pitches I get have no relevance to what I do.

How many pitches do you get a day? I probably get between 20-30 pitches a day. I would say, of those 20-30, five are good pitches that I would use. I usually respond to those. But I also get pitches where they have the wrong network or the wrong name in the email. So, I don’t respond to those.

How do you like to be pitched? I prefer to be emailed. I’m traveling all over the country and, while they may need an answer, sometimes we’re on a different timeframe or time zone. I would say email is definitely better for me, unless I schedule something. Send me one solid email.

Do you have a tip for public relations professionals working with broadcast? We always need b-roll. Not every PR person knows what b-roll is. You’d be surprised, when I ask for b-roll, how many times I’m sent another interview someone did on another network. Have good assets to supplement whatever we’re doing in the appropriate format.

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