Bethany Moore head shot.jpg

Three Box recently welcomed Bethany Moore to the team as a media specialist. Bethany is a veteran of the television news business with nearly ten years of experience as a reporter and anchor in several large markets. She recently moved back to Texas after working at a news station in Detroit, and we’re excited for the media strategy she’ll provide to our clients.

As part of our Meet Three Box series, let’s get to know Bethany a little better.

How does it feel moving back to Texas?

It feels so wonderful (and a lot warmer!) to be back in Texas. I spent the past year in Detroit and the two years before that in North Carolina, which was a great experience but not a quick drive home. My parents are still in East Texas where I grew up, and my sisters and nieces and nephews are just up the road in Arlington. Being able to be near family in a matter of minutes versus a day-long drive is such a blessing!

What drove your professional shift from broadcast media to PR?

One push for my to shift to PR was for a sense of normalcy – although I’m finding PR certainly has its crazy moments, too! It’s just nice to not have to wake up at 2 a.m. every morning or work every Christmas. However, the main reason for the shift was because I firmly believe every client we represent has a story to tell. I want to help them get that story out there. In the busy world of today getting a clear message to an audience can be very difficult. I can help make that easier for our clients.

What are you most excited about now that you are on the PR side of things?

I’m so excited to reach audiences in different ways. On the television side, we were limited to broadcast and social media. With these clients I’m so excited to get out in the community to spread their message. My new team members have a school visit coming up in a couple weeks where we teach school children about one of our clients and the work they do. I think it is so cool that our client wants to reach out on the ground level and really invest in the community.

How do you spend your free time?

Right now, it’s spent just catching up with my family. I’ve been away three years and have missed way too many holidays and birthdays. When I’m not doing that, I really enjoy long distance running. I have run multiple half marathons and I’m working on getting the courage to run a full. To be honest, the rest of my time is probably spent binge watching Gilmore Girls for the 900th time.

Is there anything unique on your Dallas bucket list?

I lived in Dallas in 2013 and grew up just an hour and a half outside of the city, so you would think I’ve seen everything. However, I’m very embarrassed to say that I have never been to the Sixth Floor Museum. That’s certainly on my bucket list.

It’s not Dallas but I’d like to visit Six Flags again. I haven’t been in at least ten years and I’d like to find out if this old lady still has the courage to ride some death-defying roller coasters.