How’d we do? Rate your experience. Complete the survey on the back of your receipt for a chance to win. It seems like companies are constantly soliciting customer feedback– so much so that we’ve trained our brains to completely ignore them. Unless, of course, we have a really bad experience. Right?!

When we delete the emails, throw away the receipts or ignore the calls, we’re forgetting that the purpose of these surveys (at least a majority of them) is to benefit US as customers.

Brands want to do better. They want to know what they are doing right, where they are missing the mark and how to best address their customers’ needs now and in the future. Surveys can play a powerful role in that if we (both brands and customers) take the time to do them.  

Three Box just completed our fifth annual client survey, which we conduct each October to guide our planning for the year ahead. While the process is always so humbling to the team because our clients go out of their way to share their positive feedback, the input we value most is the constructive criticism that helps us improve.

Our clients feel the same way about their own businesses – they want to use customer feedback to shape strategy and drive positive change. Three Box has helped several clients develop, deploy and analyze surveys to gain valuable insight from their stakeholders.

The key to avoiding survey overload is identifying the right frequency that will provide enough data points without requiring you to send a survey after every customer interaction. While annual surveys work well for Three Box and many of our clients, some brands benefit from checking in on a quarterly, monthly or even more frequent basis.  

If you aren’t surveying customers yet, we recommend you start with something simple – Survey Monkey is a very cost-effective and helpful survey tool with templates and resources to help you get started. The feedback you receive will help provide direction on when you should check in with them again.

As far as participating in surveys, I’m not suggesting that you start filling out all the surveys you receive – I’m pretty sure that would be impossible.But, think twice before you delete the next survey that comes into your inbox.