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LPR 2016: By the Numbers


LPR 2016: By the Numbers

2016 was one for the books, bringing new business, new team members and lots of memories. By the Numbers is a fun way to quantify what the past year meant to LPR. Here we go!


Join Our Team: PR Associate

Join Our Team: PR Associate

Are you fast-paced and motivated to make a difference? Do you want to work with national brands without the hoops of a big corporation? Can you think outside the box? If so, we want you.

Meet LPR: Ashton Brown


Meet LPR: Ashton Brown

A couple of weeks ago, we announced that Ashton Brown joined our team as an associate. Now that she’s been here for a month, we thought it would be nice for everyone to get to know her a little better through our "Meet LPR" series. 


LPR Announces New Hire & Promotion


LPR Announces New Hire & Promotion

Lewis Public Relations (LPR), a full-service, Dallas-based public relations and strategic communications firm, today announced the hiring of Ashton Brown as an associate and the promotion of Shelby Tidwell to senior associate.


Harnessing the Power of Brainstorms


Harnessing the Power of Brainstorms

When a client asks for a creative idea or strategy, our team gets giddy to put our heads together and lay ideas on the table during a brainstorming session. Brainstorms: where creative juices flow freely and no idea is a bad idea – but that doesn’t mean your brainstorming sessions can’t be structured.


Internal Tools from PRSA Connect


Internal Tools from PRSA Connect

It’s rare that a PRSA national conference comes to our hometown, so when PRSA Connect announced its 2016 location in Dallas, I was in. (Not to mention, our awesome clients Topgolf and DFW Airport were presenting.) After nearly two days of presentations and networking, I’ll share a few key internal communications tools and learnings.



The 10 Commandments of Corporate Communications

10 Commandments Final

10 Commandments Final

By Shelby Tidwell The evolution of global news media has affected news outlets everywhere, including the Associated Press (AP) – the largest and most respected news organization in the world – which has altered its corporate communications department to contend with ever-changing media standards.

Ellen Hale, former senior vice president and director of corporate communications at AP, recently spoke to PRSA Dallas and Press Club of Dallas members about her time at AP and offered “The 10 Commandments of Corporate Communications.”

  1. Corporate communications should be the canary in the coal mine. You should be the first to indicate if a situation could be misinterpreted by the media.

  2. If it looks like the issue has wings, get in there fast and disrupt it before it gains traction with the media or public.

  3. Don’t count on anyone calling for comment or clarification; assume they will run with their own interpretation of the story or image.

  4. Be proactively transparent.

  5. If you’re wrong, fall on your sword – fall on it fast and completely.

  6. Explain, explain, explain!

  7. Know when to stop explaining. Get in, get out and don’t extend the issue any longer than you have to.

  8. If you don’t have shareable content, you’re sunk.

  9. Social media can be a curse, but it has proven to be a friendly beast – take advantage of it!

  10. Cultivate relationships with those in the media who can help.

If there’s a trend in Ellen’s list, it’s that honesty and transparency are not optional. The bigger and more powerful your organization is, the more likely you are to be under scrutiny. Don’t give your critics the chance to misinterpret your message – but if they do, be the one to correct it.


Infomart Data Centers taps Lewis Public Relations as agency of record

Lewis Public Relations (LPR), a Dallas-based public relations and strategic communications agency, announced that Infomart Data Centers – one of the largest data center companies in the nation – has selected LPR as its agency of record. In October 2014, Fortune Data Centers merged with The Infomart to create Infomart Data Centers, now among the globe’s most connected, carrier-neutral data centers. Infomart Data Centers reached out to LPR to assist in establishing its post-merger brand identity and advancing the company’s next generation technology story.

Currently focused on four facilities across the country, including Dallas’ iconic Infomart building on Stemmons Freeway, Infomart Data Centers specializes in providing superior connectivity, unmatched performance and consistent reliability to its customers. In addition to Dallas, the company operates wholesale data centers in Portland and Silicon Valley, with a fourth location in Ashburn, Va., expected to come online next year.

“The Infomart is a Dallas landmark, symbolizing our city’s vision to be a major hub for technology and innovation in the United States,” said LPR Principal Blake Lewis, APR, Fellow PRSA. “The newly formed Infomart Data Centers organization brings major technology investment to the North Texas region, and we’re proud to apply LPR’s industry expertise and connections to amplify the brand in Dallas and across the U.S.”

Infomart Dallas

LPR will provide strategic messaging, media relations, industry analyst outreach and stakeholder engagement for the national Infomart Data Centers brand.

“Because of the public relations and strategic marketing work we are already performing within the technology space and LPR’s relationships in the Dallas/Fort Worth media market, we’re the right match for Infomart Data Centers as they begin to define and tell their brand story,” Lewis added.


About Infomart Data Centers Founded in 2006, Infomart Data Centers (formerly Fortune Data Centers) is an award-winning, industry leader in building, owning and operating highly efficient, cost-effective wholesale data centers. Each of its national facilities meet or exceed the toughest industry standards for data centers in all operational categories of availability, security, connectivity and physical resilience. Recognized for its consistent excellence, Infomart Data Centers is committed to maintaining its reputation of reliability and responsible, best-in-class management and operations. For more information, please visit or connect with Infomart on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Lewis Public Relations Lewis Public Relations is a Dallas-based public relations and strategic communications agency that applies strategic thinking and get-it-done capabilities to a broad range of client challenges and opportunities. Focusing on business-to-business communications, the team combines the knowledge and experience of a large, multinational agency with the agility and value of an entrepreneurial boutique firm. Visit to learn more, or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Photo courtesy of Mark Atwood via Flickr

Join Our Team: Public Relations Intern

* Are you a proactive, confident self-starter?* Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? * Want to work with big-name clients while building an awesome portfolio?

As an intern at Lewis Public Relations (LPR) in Dallas, you'll contribute to public relations counsel and execution for clients – from local to multinational – in a fast-paced and growing agency. We want a smart, motivated public relations student or recent graduate looking for agency experience. In addition to client work, LPR interns are included in strategy and new business pursuits, giving an opportunity to participate at all levels of the agency.

LPR is recognized nationally as a leading independent strategic communications agency, working with companies like ConocoPhillips, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and ALON/7-Eleven. As the Texas office of the Public Relations Global Network, we have international reach and collaboration with 50 agencies around the world. Our team combines the knowledge and experience of a large, multinational agency with the agility and value of an entrepreneurial boutique firm. LPR ranks #21 in the Dallas Business Journal's list of Largest North Texas Public Relations Firms.

This paid summer internship is 20-30 hours per week with opportunity to grow. If you’re up to the challenge, please fill out an application here. The top of the page will say “Lewis Public Relations Career Software.” Please follow the directions and complete the entire application process, selecting the Intern position, to be considered.

CORE TASKS and DUTIES * Drafting content for a wide variety of media, including news releases, marketing materials, social media, web content, etc. * Managing editorial calendars and media opportunities * Contributing to communications strategy development for broad programs and specific projects * Coordinating logistics for events * Conducting research and supporting new business activities for the agency * Collaborating with creative team to develop content for print, video and web collateral

CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES: * Utilizes good judgment in all work and activities * Responsible for day-to-day client delivery activities * Keeps other agency members routinely informed of account status and actively engages other team members when client situations warrant * Recommends application of agency resources (people, facilities, relationships) to accomplish client objectives * Procures products and services needed to fulfill client requirements on approval of a senior staff member

AGENCY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Contributes to discussions involving the overall direction of the agency * Contributes to development of and assists in the production of new business programs and proposals * Participates in the agency's social media efforts, with guidance from other team members * Takes on special projects, as assigned

All candidates must complete LPR’s career application at

Three Tips for Meaningful Networking

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero Networking… it’s become a buzzword in public relations and elsewhere. Last week, the Harvard Business Review published an article on “The Right (and Wrong) Way to Network,” and it got me thinking about my own networking experiences. While the article had some good points, here are a few more tips to ensure success before, during and after you make a new connection.

1.  Don’t turn a networking opportunity into a sales pitch

Before going to any type of networking event or meeting, I try to remind myself to leave my business hat at the door. As someone who works for a public relations agency, new business is important, but it’s also important to not mistake a networking opportunity for a business opportunity. While a networking opportunity can lead to future business, putting the cart before the horse can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths and cost you in the end.

2.  Carry business cards

We’ve all been there… You meet someone new, reach in your pocket for a card and come up empty. While some may argue that business cards are a thing of the past, I’d say it’s just the opposite. There’s a reason why we still carry cards, even in today’s digital age. Chances are you’re not going to give your phone number to someone you just met, and if you’re at a conference it’s hard to remember everyone. For me, business cards are a great way to keep the conversation going beyond the initial meeting. They also allow you to easily reach out in the future.

3. Follow up

Whether you connect with someone in person, over the phone or via Skype, ALWAYS follow up. Regardless of the reason for connecting, following up reinforces the initial meeting and establishes credibility. I’m usually more likely to stay in contact with someone who takes the time to follow up. It shows that they’re genuine and willing to go the extra mile. A follow up also gives an opportunity to continue the original discussion and look for ways to benefit each other down the line.

Remember, while not always at the forefront of everyone’s mind, your actions (right or wrong) say a lot about your personal brand and the brands you represent. Networking can create rewarding opportunities beyond the next piece of business, but as with all things in life, there are very rarely shortcuts. Networking can seem like a long process, but the personal relationships you develop can make it worth it in the end.

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero


Have we told you why we love PRGN?

 We’ve been a member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) for more than a year now, and it’s safe to say we are really feeling the love – and our clients are, too. Just in the past few months, we’ve been able to tap into the network for several great opportunities.

PRGN Photo For example, our client, DFW Airport, recently expressed a desire to reach out to its global audiences in the UAE, Germany, France, Spain and China. We were immediately able to connect with our PRGN affiliates, The Content|Factory, Industrie-Contact, WE Agency SCR and Mileage Communications Pte Ltd, and they successfully translated and pitched DFW’s announcement to gain valuable coverage in those countries.

HMA Group Photo

We also just teamed up with HMA Public Relations in Phoenix, Landis Communications, Inc in San Francisco, The Fearey Group in Seattle and The Garrity Group in Albuquerque to start serving a new client that has locations throughout our respective regions. The PRGN model enables us to give the new client the specialized, local public relations service they need along with the cohesive, national strategic program that will help move the needle for their business.


Aside from expanding our portfolio for existing clients and gaining new clients with the help of other member agencies, PRGN is really about networking and camaraderie. At LPR, we’ve been fortunate to meet some interesting people and make some great friends through our membership in the network. It’s nice to know that whether it’s across the country or half-way around the world, we always have a colleague to have lunch with or place to stay.

Want to know more about Lewis Public Relations' global reach? Ask us!


Lewis Public Relations Expands with New Associate

Lewis Public Relations (LPR), a full-service Dallas-based public relations and strategic communications firm, today announced Ashley Brazell has joined the firm as an associate to accommodate new clients and continued growth.

Meet LPR: Ashley Brazell

LPR is growing! This installment of "Meet LPR" features our newest associate, Ashley Brazell,  who came on board just last week. We're excited to welcome Ashley to the team and look forward to sharing her skills and experience with our clients.   Name: Ashley Brazell Joined LPR: February 2, 2015 Clients: Carrington College, McKinstry, ConocoPhillips


1. Why did you decide to leave the political sector and join a PR firm? I loved working in the political arena, but I didn't love the partisanship inside the beltway. When I moved to Washington, D.C., I was bright-eyed and very idealistic, and like many of my millennial cohorts, I wanted to affect some sort of change in our world. Initially, I wanted to accomplish my goals through the lens of public policy, but while on the Hill, I began to understand how important media, in all forms, dictates the status quo. I worked with some really great people, learned how to craft strategic messaging and just sort of never looked back.

2. What’s the best professional advice you've ever received from a mentor or colleague? It’s better to apologize later than waiting to ask for permission. I’ve had some really great mentors in my professional life. I’ve always been encouraged to take initiative and speak up and I think because of that, I have been afforded opportunities that others in my position may not have had—career or otherwise.

3. Ice Cream – Chocolate or Vanilla? Neither. My go to is Mediterranean Mint from Talenti.

4. What’s your favorite Dallas spot on the weekends? My husband has a knack for finding really great places, but I don’t think we have a favorite spot just yet. It all depends on what we’re in the mood for! We really like Ascension for a laid back brunch or well-made coffee. The masters at Parliament are really impressive if you want an artisan cocktail. Oak is fabulous. We really like the cinema, so we also frequent Alamo Drafthouse and the Angelika.

5. What is the most interesting place you've traveled (either for work or leisure)? My family is all really well-traveled and I've been really blessed to have traveled quite a bit from a really young age. I’ve been to Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. My closest sister is actually traveling all over the world right now and I’m really jealous seeing all her Instagram posts! So far, my oldest sister has the most stamps in her passport of the three of us and is currently working in Antarctica, which I would love to visit! Last year, I was able to see Ban Ki-moon speak at the United Nations; so I think technically speaking…I’ve “been” to more countries than either of them.

6. We understand that you've lived all over the U.S.  How does Dallas stack up to everywhere else? Dallas is great, except the drivers. I’m a big proponent of both hands-free laws and public transportation. I do miss being near New York’s performing arts scene, although there are some worthwhile-looking venues in the area I plan to check out. As far as a metropolitan area, Dallas has quite a bit to offer. More importantly, the best part about being back in Texas, Dallas in particular, is being closer to my family.



When asked one word (or phrase) to describe Ashley, here’s what her LPR teammates said:

Precise – “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Ashley is one of the most detail-oriented team members at LPR. Given all the Type As around here, that is saying a LOT.”

Quick Learner – “Ashley hit the ground running and has picked up on things very quickly. That’s a huge asset not only for us as a team, but for our clients, as well!”

Cooperative and eager – “On the occasions that I've worked with Ashley, she dove in headfirst to new tasks and was willing to ask questions in order to better understand new situations.”

Strategic – “She is a very quick learner and is able to look at her work from different aspects in order to get the job done.”

Self-starter – "Ashley shows initiative in attending to client and agency demands."

Intuitive - "Ashley has a knack for anticipating what needs to be done and keeping a few steps ahead. She's great at thinking on her feet."

Click here to meet other LPR team members.

The Story Behind the Three Boxes

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our logo lately. “Love your artwork. What does it mean?”  “Does it have something to do with a progression?” “What happened with the scribbles? Did somebody vandalize your conference room windows?”

#MediaMonday: Keven Ann Willey, The Dallas Morning News

HMA Public Relations, our PRGN affiliate and friends in Phoenix, Ariz., have a great blog series they call "Media Mondays." This week's featured newsy is Keven Ann Willey, editorial page editor at The Dallas Morning News.

Video Tour of LPR Dallas

It takes a team to run a successful PR agency. At Lewis Public Relations, we value the strengths each individual brings to the table. Got 2 minutes? Take a video tour of our office and get hear what makes our LPR team unique.

Photos: 2014 LPR Christmas Party

The 2014 LPR Christmas Party was one for the books. We enjoyed delicious food, tasty drinks and, most importantly, great company. First, we were joined by a local brewer from 903 Brewers for a craft beer and artisan cheese tasting.


I think it's safe to say that the LPR crowd favorite was 903's new golden stout called, "The Land of Milk and Honey."

Christi, our resident beer nerd, was pretty excited about the whole thing.


Then, we sat down for a five-course, gourmet meal prepared by our friends at Vestals Catering.

Pretty soon, we won't be able to fit everyone at one table!


The menu included everything from roasted fennel and mushroom soup to a beautiful NY strip with fig reduction.

Gulf shrimp with mascarpone orzo, meyer lemon and tarragon


The gift exchange was surprisingly tame. Everyone walked away happy after only a few steals.

Blake and his shiny, new "Chillsner".


We were so glad our intern, Shelby, could join us for the festivities this year!


There were some other new faces this year, as well.

Kat & Tyler


The photo bomb opportunities were endless, but this one was the best of the night.

Christi and John (and Blake)


And, no party is complete without dessert.

Chocolate brownies, butterscotch mousse, gingerbread and more!


On behalf of the entire LPR team, we hope your holidays are filled with great memories, lots of love and a ton of JOY.

LPR Team


5 PR Wins in 2014

Well, 2014 has come and (almost) gone… Can you believe it? When thinking back on the biggest news stories of the year, I found that 2014 was pretty good for public relations.