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PRGN Elects Three Box CEO Amanda Hill as Treasurer


PRGN Elects Three Box CEO Amanda Hill as Treasurer

Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) also adds two new member agencies from Helsinki (Finland) and New York (USA) during bi-annual meeting; Succession and acquisition strategies, digital solutions and services, growth in the Asia-Pacific region and engaging generation Z among larger opportunities discussed by global PR professionals.


Are You Maximizing Twitter?


Are You Maximizing Twitter?

It's a news source, a place to consume pop culture, a channel for audiences to engage in live events, a customer service platform and much more. With 330 million global users, Twitter is clearly the place to be - but are YOU maximizing Twitter?


Five Com Agencies Join PRGN


Five Com Agencies Join PRGN

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) today announced the addition of five new communications agency affiliates to one of the world’s largest PR agency networks. These firms joined PRGN during the consortium’s recent meeting in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month. 


Harnessing the Power of Brainstorms


Harnessing the Power of Brainstorms

When a client asks for a creative idea or strategy, our team gets giddy to put our heads together and lay ideas on the table during a brainstorming session. Brainstorms: where creative juices flow freely and no idea is a bad idea – but that doesn’t mean your brainstorming sessions can’t be structured.


Agencies in Minneapolis, NYC, Hong Kong join PRGN


Agencies in Minneapolis, NYC, Hong Kong join PRGN

Three top-notch communications firms, two in the U.S. and one in China, were welcomed as full members of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) at the spring conference of the one of the world’s largest networks of public relations agencies on Thursday, April 29, 2016, in Washington, D.C.



Favorite Things of 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost here.  While it’s easy to keep your focus forward-looking, it is equally important to remember where you came from. Take stock of your team’s successes and challenges. What has been hard to overcome, and what has been easy? Benchmarking is important for growth and measuring success, and celebrating wins is key to keeping your momentum going. Over the next month, you’ll start seeing “Top 10” and “Best of” lists and articles chronicling everything you can remember from 2015, including some things you probably wish you could forget. It started just this morning. Apple named Periscope app of the year. This one we love! Live-streaming is everywhere now. My family even shared over Periscope during the Thanksgiving holiday, and some of my cousins in South Carolina even tuned in. Mashable’s Christina Warren puts it best, “Periscope really captured the zeitgeist.”

If you follow @LPRDallas on social media, you’ve seen us get in on the Periscope action over the past few months, too. Earlier this week, our team took some time to reflect back and share our some of our favorite things of 2015.  In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap:

Amanda says her favorite memories as Lewis Public Relations being named one of the top PR firms in North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal and also being named finalist for the Texas Family Business of the Year by Baylor University’s Institute for Family Business.

Baylor Award photo


It’s been a full year for Christi. Her top two highlights are earning her Accreditation in Public Relations and getting engaged to her best friend!CC Engagement Pic

Jennifer celebrated her first work anniversary with LPR in October. She also really enjoyed organizing a book donation drive and getting to read with the kiddos at Vogel AlcoveVogel Alcove-donation box, JK

Shelby, LPR’s newest hire, marks her highlight as graduating from Baylor University. She had been interning with us during her senior year, and we’re so excited she joined the team full-time this summer. Sic 'Em Bears!ST Baylor graduation

Blake recounted his trip to Dubai for a PRGN conference as something that will be hard to top next year. He rode a camel for the first, and possibly the last, time with other PRGN leaders from across the world.

My favorite memory was helping out with DFW Airport’s Sunny Service Days campaign. Over the summer months, the Airport used social media to connect and engage with travelers to surprise and delight them in the terminals. It was coordinated effort with their marketing, corporate communications and customer service teams, and I was glad to have the opportunity to help support them with our other agency partners. Bonus highlight: Hosting LPR's Favorite Things of 2015 Periscope! (See full video in all its glory below.)AB at DFW

It was a good year here at LPR, and we know 2016 is going to be even better. We’d love to hear some of your favorite things. Comment here or connect with us on Twitter to share some of your 2015 favorites. Don't forget to watch our Periscope below!



Welcome, The Hoyt Organization, to PRGN

Today, we're pleased to announce that Los Angeles-based The Hoyt Organization has joined the Public Relations Global Network, our collaboration of international public relations and marketing partners. Hoyt was officially invited to join PRGN today during the network's fall meeting in Dubai. Hoyt is a full-service, strategic public relations agency with capabilities in crisis communications, media relations, online marketing and brand development. With the addition of Hoyt, Lewis Public Relations and the other 48 PRGN agencies have added in-market expertise and resources in Los Angeles.

Please join us in welcoming The Hoyt Organization to PRGN.


The Hoyt Organization Los Angeles joins Lewis Public Relations in Public Relations Global Network

The Hoyt Organization at PRGN Fall 2015

Lewis Public Relations adds Los Angeles public relations partner as part of its Public Relations Global Network. Featured in picture (left to right): Leeza Hoyt, APR, founder and owner of The Hoyt Organization; and Kent Barrett, vice president of The Hoyt Organization

Lewis Public Relations and its 46 member Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) announced it has selected The Hoyt Organization, Inc., a Los Angeles-area based full- service public relations agency, as its newest affiliate. The induction into the global consortium was made during PRGN’s twice-yearly meeting, which just concluded in Dubai.

Adding The Hoyt Organization to our network means we now have an added ability to offer on-the-ground services in Los Angeles.

Founded in 1986, The Hoyt Organization ( is a public relations agency based in Torrance, California, in the county of Los Angeles.  As a full-service strategic communications firm that provides complete public relations counseling and crisis communication services, The Hoyt Organization specializes in developing public relations programs for business to business and business to consumer-based companies that focus on the real estate, financial and professional services, retail, legal, technology and healthcare industries. The Hoyt Organization has created and executed programs encompassing all phases of PR, including communications, corporate image enhancement, media relations and digital and earned media services. Current clients include, Sotheby’s International Realty, USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, Westwood Financial Corp., Genton Property Group for the Four Seasons Private Residence, Los Angeles, among others.

“Today’s business climate is global and it’s critical that we be able to serve companies in that capacity,” said Leeza Hoyt, APR, founder and CEO of The Hoyt Organization. “Joining PRGN is a logical extension of our ongoing efforts to grow our business in Southern California and around the country. It extends our reach into the world’s most significant global marketplaces where we now have the ability to provide on-the-ground coverage.”

The PRGN partners meet twice a year in cities around the world. The next meeting will be held in April 2016 in Washington, D.C. At each meeting, the firm’s leadership discuss ways the network and its client base can collaborate in local markets around the world.

Agency members are independent, local, owner-operated public relations and communications agencies that share expertise and resources, while providing broad-based comprehensive communications strategies to clients worldwide. If a company or organization is interested in the services of PRGN’s local agency network, go to for more information.

PRGN is actively recruiting PR members in China, Africa, Belgium, Vancouver and New York. If a PR agency is interested in joining the network, visit the PRGN website’s member recruitment section for more information or email its membership chair, C.L. Conroy, at

Clients across six continents depend on the combined resources of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) to deliver targeted public relations campaigns in markets around the world.  With revenues of more than $110 million (U.S.D.), PRGN is one of the world’s largest international public relations networks.  PRGN harnesses the resources of approx. 50 independent public relations firms and more than 900 communications professionals to connect international companies and organizations with individual and culturally diverse markets globally.

Visit PRGN online at or on twitter at @PRGN.


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Email Overload: How to Manage 24/7 Access

Did you notice this gif roaming Twitter and Facebook? I saw it a few weeks ago, and the truth made me laugh and cringe at the same time. As a communicator, 24/7 access through email (and text) can lead to a never-ending, overwhelming and all-consuming inbox. So which camp do you claim?

Until recently, I sat on the right. My husband and friends have made several comments. “How do you keep up?” they ask. “Who are all those from?” they wonder. It was time to move to a better email policy.

I took to my inbox and set a goal to get down to each day. Here’s how I got from 2,000+ emails to under 100 – my new daily goal.

  • Start with the low-hanging fruit. Unsubscribe from unnecessary lists that don’t add daily value to your work. Sort by name and delete in mass groups. ( is a great tool to do this automatically.)
  • Next, tackle emails by person. In an agency, this makes it easy to address one client at a time. You can either work down the inbox alphabetically, or search for certain people on the same account. Respond to and file all of “Client A-related emails,” then move on to “Client B,” etc.
  • Create a killer filing system. Folders in Outlook keep me sane. I have two major sections: clients and agency. Each client has its own folder. Large projects get subfolders. Emails for agency business get their own section.
  • Make it a daily priority. After a week of setting daily goals and moving my way through my inbox, I’m now making it a priority to spend 15 minutes a day to keep my email house in order. I feel organized, on top of requests and less stressed. Totally worth it.

As I started putting this post together, I reached out to our PRGN network and asked for their email best practices. Here are a few tips that they shared:

  • Use your inbox for immediate response and folders for archiving. “The only items in my inbox are the ones that need attention, all others get moved immediately after they're handled.” – Nicole Lasorda, Buchanan Public Relations in Philadelphia
  • Take care of requests immediately. “I have an ‘InBox Zero’ policy and ask staffers to follow that rule. I've learned it's better to take care of things quickly rather than let them build up.” – David Landis, Landis Communications in San Francisco
  • Follow the rules. “My best practice is creating folders and rules in Outlook—so emails automatically move. Of course, that means I need to actually look in the folders!” – Abbie Fink, HMA Public Relations in Phoenix
  • Find the built-in tools. “I live by the task function that you can use in either Outlook or Gmail. If an e-mail requires a response but I can't get to it immediately, I mark it as a task so it shows up on my to-do list.” – Lauren Reed, Reed Public Relations in Nashville
  • Turn off tools that are distracting. “I turned off the pop-up Outlook notifications so, when I am focused on a task, I am not distracted by a random email coming in.” Alexis Anderson, GroundFloor Media in Denver

What tips to you have for keeping your inbox in check? Comment below and help a fellow pro out!

Gif via @EliLanger on Twitter

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Communications from the Top: How CEOs communicate

Our society is continuously inundated with information through an ever-growing field of tools and mediums. As a corporate or government leader, it can be hard to know which channels are most effective and how to get your message across. Customers, media and other key audiences are demanding direct access to corporate and government leaders, and communication from the top has become increasingly scrutinized. We’ve got examples of the best tools for executives to make sure you—and your brand—are understood.

Social Media


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great options for leaders and executives to directly engage with new, broader audiences. A recent a Public Relations Global Network Survey discovered that journalists regularly peruse a CEO’s social media presence—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook—before an interview.  Other studies have shown that CEO engagement on social media helps drive consumer spending and create brand loyalists. Executive presence on social media may be the last thing in the world a CEO has time for, but check out these examples before you write it off:


-President Obama generated more than 50,000 tweets last week with his #AskPOTUS Twitter chat. The initial response was so overwhelming that it took one hour before his first response. 

-Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore used a selfie stick to give viewers an inside look of SXSW with Meerkat broadcasts.

-NASA and the United States Air Force used Periscope to interview Astronaut Terry Virtz upon his return from the International Space Station.

-Former Governor Perry previewed his 2016 campaign bid on Snapchat.

-Elon Musk teased out new Tesla product lines on Twitter and stocks jumped.

-Intel CEO Brian Krzanich opted for a Reddit AMA, but came under criticism for avoiding top two questions regarding the NSA.

-Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg brought tears to our eyes with a post about her late husband.

-DFW Airport has been hosting #AskDFWExec Twitter chats to connect AvGeeks everywhere with a sampling of their executive leadership. Watch for EVP Ken Buchanan on July 10.

Traditional Media

Opinion editorials in local, business and trade media publications are a great way to put the leader or company’s message on the record. Strategically placed editorials can impact public opinion before an election or vote. It can also be a great way to highlight and raise awareness on different issues. See some of my favorite examples below:

Levi CEO
Levi CEO

-McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s Chicago Tribune Op-ed, “Why we're raising wages

-Former first lady and founder of Taking Care of Texas Laura Bush’s column in The Dallas Morning News, “Conservation can start in your own garden

-Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Charles Bergh Forbes Op-ed, “Do the world a favor n’ wash your jeans every 10 wears

Thought Leadership

You can also consider speaking engagements or conferences where there will be industry leaders, rising experts and respected media. A speaking circuit of handpicked events can be an effective way to get your message heard and confer with influencers. Participating in these types of events also positions your executive or executive team as the trusted industry leader and expert.

Last month, the LPR team helped place ConocoPhillips’ Chief Technology Officer Ram Shenoy as a keynote at the University of Colorado-Denver’s Energy Moving Forward forum.

Clear and effective communication is crucial to the success of any leader. Much more goes into a CEO media orientation and preparation, but exploring these tools can help set your business leader apart from the crowds.

What are some techniques or stories you’ve seen or used when working with c-level clients?

Be sure to check back with us for Communications from the Top: Effective CEO Messaging.

(Photo Credits: Public Relations Global Network; @POTUS Twitter Feed; Fortune Stuart Isett, Fortune Brainstorm)


Public Relations & Marketing Blogs We Love

Blogs have sprung open the gates traditionally guarded by reporters and editors, but it can be hard to wade through the clutter to find quality content. LPR has been generating our own content for the past five years, and we’re avid followers of other public relations thought leaders, too. In the billions pages of internet, we wanted to share some of our recommendations for the best public relations blogs out there.

Best PR pro blogs:

Peter Shankman - TweetBrian Solis – Defining the impact of technology, culture and business

- May 2015: “When You Share Experiences You Help Strangers Make Decisions

Peter Shankman – Founder of Help A Reporter Out

- May 2015: “Lessons about cynical Facebook followers, raising the bar, and LensCrafters

Michael Smart – Former journalist, independent communications trainer

- February 2015: “5 Ways to React to a Journalist on Twitter Beyond a Compliment

Note: Michael Smart doesn’t have a blog, but his content is well worth signing up to receive his e-mail newsletters and to hear his insight in webinars and conferences.


Best industry blogs:

PR Dailyperiscope-meerkat-twitter-reporting Daily news site that delivers news, advice and opinions on public relations, marketing, social media and media

- June 2015: “5 reasons PR and marketing pros should curate content

Jounralistics – A nifty little blog about digital communications

- March 2015: “Periscope and Meerkat: The New ‘Twitter’ for Reporters

Millennial Marketing – Insight and commentary on the latest millennial consumer and marketing trends

- May 2015: “Three Ways to Use Content to Fuel Your Social Media Engagement

Spin Sucks – Professional Development for PR and Marketing Pros

- May 2015: “Five Tips for Effective Marketing Collateral


Blogs from the Public Relations Global Network:


Reed Public Relations, based in Nashville, TN

The Fearey Group, based in Seattle, WA

Ground Floor Media, based in Denver, CO

Landis Communications, Inc., based in San Francisco, CA

Buchanan Public Relations, based in Philadelphia, PA

HMA Public Relations, based in Phoenix, AZ


For length’s sake, we know we left some great ones off this list. If you see one we missed or want us to check out your blog, please comment below with the link or tweet us at @LPRDallas!


(We hope you count our blog as one of your go-to sources for public relations news and insights. While you’re here, check out some of our recent blogs highlighting client success and public relations insight.)


Photo Credits: Courtesy of Peter Shankman’s Twitter feed; Jounralistcs; Public Relations Global Network


Have Heart, DFW - Breaking a World Record & Saving Lives

Blood Pressure Infographic - Carrington College - How Common
Blood Pressure Infographic - Carrington College - How Common

On May 21, Lewis Public Relations and our other Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) offices will be working to support Carrington College’s attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for most blood pressure checks within an eight hour period.

The American Heart Association calls high blood pressure a “silent killer” because it is typically symptom-free. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 of every 3 adults in the U.S. has high blood pressure, but only about half of those 70 million Americans have it under control.

To celebrate National High Blood Pressure Education Month, 17 campuses within the Carrington College network are partnering together to increase local communities’ knowledge about blood pressure and provide education about health risks associated with both pre-hypertension and hypertension.

Kicking off Carrington’s Mesquite campus blood pressure check, there will be a special guest from the American Heart Association, located here in Dallas. As this theme directly correlates to its mission, Carrington College is excited to partner with this great cause!

Come by to see us tomorrow between 1-9 p.m. at Carrington College, 3733 West Emporium Circle, Mesquite, Texas 75150.

Knowing your numbers can help save your life. You can read more about it in the Mesquite News and Carrington College’s blog, “Everything You Need To Know About Blood Pressure.”

You can follow along with Carrington’s tracker for the event at Also, check out what's going on in other markets with our partner PRGN offices in Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.

Spread the word and educate yourself! Engage with Carrington College, #CarringtonBreaksRecords, and American Heart Association, #CheckItDFW.

Will you help us break this world record? It may save your life!

Photo Credits: Carrington College