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Leap Year Poll: What would you do with an extra day?

Is anyone else wondering where January went? This year is flying by already! It’s a good thing we get an extra day in 2016 thanks to Leap Year. While the extra day only comes along every four years to help keep our seasons on track, the LPR team had a fun time thinking about what we’d do with an extra 24 hours, if we had it.

Shelby Tidwell: “If I had an extra day (and no work), I would go to a Texas Rangers day game.If it wasn’t baseball season, then a Stars game or Baylor Football game.” 

Jennifer Kim: “If I had an extra day, I’d spend some time reading (most like a thriller mystery), go walking, and catching up on Netflix.” 

Ashley Brazell: “We’d probably try out a new coffee spot and take Sophie to the dog park after… because we’re so exciting!” 

Blake Lewis: “I would read a book with enrichment value outside of my profession. So much of my time is devoted to work reading… to go beyond that for a day would be an indulgence!” 

Amanda Hill: “I’d get up before anyone in my house and <slowly> enjoy a hot cup of coffee – in a chair. Then I’d take my husband and son on a family date to the Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Lake. It’s one of our favorite spots in Dallas!” 

Christi Chesner: “I’d pick up my sister and take a day trip to East Texas to visit my Dad and his new puppy, Aspen. Even though they only live a couple of hours away, I don’t get to see them enough!”

How would you use an extra day?

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