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Celebrating Amanda Hill Being Named One of the Dallas Business Journal's 40 Under 40


Celebrating Amanda Hill Being Named One of the Dallas Business Journal's 40 Under 40

Earlier this year, Three Box was thrilled to learn that our Principal & CEO Amanda Hill was selected for the Dallas Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, a distinguished group of North Texas’ top young leaders who are making a major impression within their industry. The Three Box team toasted Amanda’s success at the 40 Under 40 Awards gala, where she was recognized in front of industry leaders who represent excellence and innovation in their fields - check out our blog for the inside scoop on the evening!


The Best of Both Worlds

CC at Acumera

CC at Acumera

The past six months have been VERY busy here at LPR. My LPR travels have taken me down to Austin quite a bit lately to work with one of our clients, Acumera, a growing technology company that provides network connectivity, security and visibility for convenience stores. We’ve been working with Acumera since 2012, but they recently decided to up the ante with our relationship. They needed an internal marketing resource, but didn’t want to worry about the learning curve or overhead costs associated with adding a full-time team member. Since I’d been on the account for more than three years, I was able to jump in and fill the role, giving Acumera the benefits of having both an agency team and a dedicated “internal” resource to support Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tom Yemington.

We’ve accomplished a LOT in the past six months. In addition to managing traditional public relations activities, including news releases, thought leadership and media relations, I contributed to marketing strategy, message development and sales collateral development. We’re also about to launch a new Acumera website. (Stay tuned!)

The whole experience has reinforced our philosophy that the most successful agency-client relationships are those that truly integrate agency team members into the client’s culture and business. It’s the best of both worlds.

Here’s a quick video from Tom on why he decided to use a PR agency to support his marketing efforts.

Communications from the Top: How CEOs communicate

Our society is continuously inundated with information through an ever-growing field of tools and mediums. As a corporate or government leader, it can be hard to know which channels are most effective and how to get your message across. Customers, media and other key audiences are demanding direct access to corporate and government leaders, and communication from the top has become increasingly scrutinized. We’ve got examples of the best tools for executives to make sure you—and your brand—are understood.

Social Media


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great options for leaders and executives to directly engage with new, broader audiences. A recent a Public Relations Global Network Survey discovered that journalists regularly peruse a CEO’s social media presence—LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook—before an interview.  Other studies have shown that CEO engagement on social media helps drive consumer spending and create brand loyalists. Executive presence on social media may be the last thing in the world a CEO has time for, but check out these examples before you write it off:


-President Obama generated more than 50,000 tweets last week with his #AskPOTUS Twitter chat. The initial response was so overwhelming that it took one hour before his first response. 

-Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore used a selfie stick to give viewers an inside look of SXSW with Meerkat broadcasts.

-NASA and the United States Air Force used Periscope to interview Astronaut Terry Virtz upon his return from the International Space Station.

-Former Governor Perry previewed his 2016 campaign bid on Snapchat.

-Elon Musk teased out new Tesla product lines on Twitter and stocks jumped.

-Intel CEO Brian Krzanich opted for a Reddit AMA, but came under criticism for avoiding top two questions regarding the NSA.

-Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg brought tears to our eyes with a post about her late husband.

-DFW Airport has been hosting #AskDFWExec Twitter chats to connect AvGeeks everywhere with a sampling of their executive leadership. Watch for EVP Ken Buchanan on July 10.

Traditional Media

Opinion editorials in local, business and trade media publications are a great way to put the leader or company’s message on the record. Strategically placed editorials can impact public opinion before an election or vote. It can also be a great way to highlight and raise awareness on different issues. See some of my favorite examples below:

Levi CEO
Levi CEO

-McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s Chicago Tribune Op-ed, “Why we're raising wages

-Former first lady and founder of Taking Care of Texas Laura Bush’s column in The Dallas Morning News, “Conservation can start in your own garden

-Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Charles Bergh Forbes Op-ed, “Do the world a favor n’ wash your jeans every 10 wears

Thought Leadership

You can also consider speaking engagements or conferences where there will be industry leaders, rising experts and respected media. A speaking circuit of handpicked events can be an effective way to get your message heard and confer with influencers. Participating in these types of events also positions your executive or executive team as the trusted industry leader and expert.

Last month, the LPR team helped place ConocoPhillips’ Chief Technology Officer Ram Shenoy as a keynote at the University of Colorado-Denver’s Energy Moving Forward forum.

Clear and effective communication is crucial to the success of any leader. Much more goes into a CEO media orientation and preparation, but exploring these tools can help set your business leader apart from the crowds.

What are some techniques or stories you’ve seen or used when working with c-level clients?

Be sure to check back with us for Communications from the Top: Effective CEO Messaging.

(Photo Credits: Public Relations Global Network; @POTUS Twitter Feed; Fortune Stuart Isett, Fortune Brainstorm)