We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our logo lately. “Love your artwork. What does it mean?”  “Does it have something to do with a progression?” “What happened with the scribbles? Did somebody vandalize your conference room windows?” I usually like to turn the question around and ask what they think it means. After some pretty good responses, I figured it was time to explain the story behind the three boxes.

It all started when LPR was founded back in 2000. Companies, particularly in the telecom and technology industries, were going through a lot of change and struggling to communicate clearly with their stakeholders. I saw an opportunity for LPR to step in and provide strategic counsel to corporate leaders, so they could turn chaos and noise into clear, concise, effective communication.

Lewis Public Relations, First Logo

Back then, the boxes represented positive change, evolution and the progression of chaos to order.

Today, LPR has evolved, just like the three boxes.

Lewis Public Relations Logo

While we still help our clients manage the communication of change, our role has become broader. Companies are under the microscope all the time. They need to be communicating clearly with their audiences around the clock – whether it’s via social media or a traditional news release, during a crisis or on an average Monday.

That’s where we come in. We turn complex concepts and ideas into direct, easy-to-understand communications. We make sure our clients’ messages are both heard and understood by the audiences they’re trying to reach.

So, ultimately, the boxes still represent the core values they were founded on 15 years ago. Their meaning has just matured with age.