As a Dallas boutique PR firm, some people may think that Lewis Public Relations (and other boutique agencies) only works with local mom-and-pop shops. Many of our clients are Texas-based, but most of them have a global focus—and, as their trusted counselors, so do we. Public Relations Global Network - PRGN

That’s why our membership in the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) is so valuable. In today’s web-based world, the “public” can be next door, across the country or halfway around the world. With PRGN, we partner with 50 public relations agencies in markets like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix—but also London, Warsaw, Dublin, Montreal and Santiago.

A few weeks ago, I joined our PRGN colleagues for our spring meeting in Miami. In two days, we filled our days with discussions of public relations best practices, how to best serve our clients and resources for connecting internationally.

Global PR meeting with Public Relations Global Network (PRGN)

All of that formal stuff is well and good—but the real value, in my opinion, comes from hanging out with some of the smartest global PR pros in the world.

Lewis Public Relations goes global PR with PRGN

How often do we step outside of our own box and spend time with colleagues from other cultures? After dinner one night, I stopped and took in the languages spoken around me—English, of course, but also SpanishFrench and German. Incredible!

Global PR - PRGN Spring 2014 Meeting

Learning how other people work, live and play makes me a more diverse professional. My friendships with PRGN colleagues expand my knowledge of global PR issues and trends. In turn, I can better create and implement international communications strategies and interact with global audiences.

So, when you look at our Dallas boutique PR firm and think we only know Texas…think again. At LPR, we think globally and engage locally. It’s the best of both worlds!

Many thanks to my friends Aaron Blank and Mariusz Pleban for the photos. And, congratulations to our new PRGN President Uwe Schmidt, who will lead us in 2014-2015.