I recently decided to make a change. To be honest, it's a change I was hesitant to make. No, I didn't do anything to my appearance, my routine or my lifestyle... I changed my Twitter handle.

It sounds a little trivial. What should have been an easy change, actually took some contemplation. For the duration of my Twitter experience, I had been "@blaketexas081." To many, that was a string of characters and numbers. To me, it was my identity.

But I also understand that success and visibility in social media comes from others' ability to connect with me. To my dismay, @BlakeLewis has already been claimed by the season six American Idol runner-up. Outside of that one time I convinced a Nashville hotel staff that I was, in fact, the singer and just looked younger on TV - that handle is unavailable.

Instead, you can now find me at @LPRBlake. It's simple, short and easy to find. It still represents me and what I do with @LPRDallas. It's great for searches that include LPR, PR and LPR Blake. It's the right fit at the right time.

So, follow me on Twitter at @LPRBlake, and let's talk PR, Lewis Public Relations and all things Texas.

(And follow the rest of the LPR team: @AmandaLHill, @ChristiChesner, @ashley_brazell and @shelbyTidwell.)