Happy APR Month! Accredited in Public Relations, or APR, is the public relations credentialing process that validates a professional's strategic thinking, understanding of emerging techniques and commitment to ethical practice.

In honor of APR Month, the Three Box leadership team is sharing the value in becoming accredited and why they each decided to pursue their APR.

Earning your APR is an impressive milestone, and we encourage any professional who may be on the fence about starting the process to go for it! As a helpful nudge in the right direction, we've highlighted several APR resources for anyone interested in learning more.

Accreditation signals deep, demonstrated expertise in public relations and a commitment to the highest ethical standard. Whether it’s a brand hiring our agency or a new hire looking to join our team, we believe they value the high standard demonstrated by our accredited leaders.

Amanda Hill, APR, CEO and Principal

An important aspect of the public relations profession is the art and science of discipline, whether focused on identification of employer or client requirements, or on the creation of solutions to these needs. Pursuit of the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential hones disciplined thinking and action, while adding to the communicator’s knowledge, skills and abilities. As a bonus, pursuit and maintenance of Accreditation can play a key role in our quest to pursue the life-long learning model that is increasingly prevalent in creating and maintaining business relevance.

Blake Lewis, APR, Founder and Principal

In a field that includes such a wide range of professionals and capabilities, Accreditation in Public Relations recognizes experience and best practices, and helps differentiate practitioners in a crowded space. More importantly, the Accreditation process is an invaluable personal and professional development experience that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.

Christi Matthys, APR, Director of Account Service