Lewis Public Relations Agency Principal Blake Lewis alongside client ALON/7-Eleven Your company has a smart, capable integrated marketing communications team. News releases, social media and other tactics are part of your regular outreach strategy. You’re getting some results. So, why should you hire a public relations agency?

Client programs vary, but the benefits are consistent across the board. At Lewis Public Relations, we know the right public relations agency can enhance a company’s strategic communications strategy.

With an experienced public relations agency, you get:

1)    Industry depth – Members of an agency team have years of experience emerged in specific industries and verticals. That knowledge transcends current trends and popular buzzwords. Agency professionals know the unique challenges and opportunities of specific industries and can counsel clients from deep knowledge of the business.

2)    External perspective – At the same time, a fresh approach can breathe new life into a company’s communications strategy. Public relations best practices, combined with cutting-edge developments and resources, shed new light on existing or potential challenges. Sometimes a new perspective can make all the difference.

3)    Strategic relationships – Whether it’s community partnerships or media relationships, agencies talk with influencers every day. Clients can leverage an agency’s connections to break down barriers and get to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

4)    Creative collaboration – A good agency will partner with your team to find creative and meaningful solutions. Ideas from past campaigns, current case studies and future trends can spark collaboration and, ultimately, fresh results.

5)    Additional capabilities – Sometimes you just don’t have the bandwidth for a proactive media campaign or in-depth research project—even though it could dramatically advance your company’s communications objectives. An agency team can be an extension of your current capabilities, enhancing and filling in where needed to take your program to the next level.


If you're thinking about engaging a strategic PR agency partner, let us know. We’d like an opportunity to help you “be understood.”