Digital marketing has, no doubt, revolutionized how brands connect with customers. Targeting is easier than ever, now that we have data that shows what people like, how they buy, and where they visit. We can follow a customer’s every thought and action through the entire purchase journey - from awareness to consideration to purchase.

So, armed with mounds of data, why spend marketing dollars on experiential marketing?

Because of the human experience.

Yes, technology is changing the customer journey. It’s making products and services accessible through a few clicks of the phone. But let’s not forget that customers are people. People who want to experience emotions and life with other people. People who want to interact with other people. People who want to connect with other people.

The best way to connect people in meaningful ways is through shared experiences. As a marketer, that can be through events, brand activations or location-based campaigns. Experiential marketing brings people together and taps into a shared desire to feel included and accepted.

Here are a few events Three Box has hosted that drive meaningful results for our clients:

So, consider every step of the customer journey – from brand awareness and digital engagement, all the way through to in-person interactions with customers that will incite connection and loyalty to your brand.

Technology drives us forward, but human connection propels us.