The holidays are a time to give thanks, see family and relax. But if you’re working the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas, the holidays can also be one of the best times to connect with media. While you should always remember your tried and true media relations tactics, also keep in mind that some of the conventional rules for pitching change this time of year.

Take advantage of the holiday downtime. Are things quiet around your office? Chances are, they’re slower at your local TV station or newspaper, too. The days before Thanksgiving and Christmas can also be really productive. Take advantage of the downtime and touch base with your top media contacts while things are less hectic.

Be concise and relevant. News doesn’t stop just because it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, but remember, reporters want to spend time with their families and friends, too. If you plan on reaching out to media this week, be mindful of their time. Make sure to keep it relevant and concise.

Remember the holidays are about relationships. PR is all about relationships, and what better time to do that than the holiday season? A simple email or phone call could be the difference between the front page of the paper and the business section. Even if you’re just following up to say “happy holidays,” cultivating your relationships with the media is crucial.

Whether you’re pitching a new story or simply checking in, the holiday season is a great time for media relations. If you’re working this week, try out these tips and let us know how they worked.